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A Warm Welcome from Bespoke

Bespoke Events London has kicked off the New Year by launching our own dedicated weddings website.

Whether you are newly engaged or have already started planning for your big day, we can offer you the chance to get creative with Weddings by Bespoke, and our brand new blog will give you the chance to get to know us. Our whole team at Bespoke will give you regular tips, helpful hints and inside knowledge with our personal experience as wedding planners offering insight into our daily routine and inspiration. 

Hitting 2016 I have seen a flurry of Facebook posts and Instagram pictures celebrating friends getting engaged over the Christmas period. This has been great timing because arriving back at the Bespoke HQ the launch of “Weddings By Bespoke” has really taken off with a range of wedding enquiries.

January has to be one of my favourite months and is definitely a wedding planners dream because not only do we see a range of trends and stunning mood boards come onto design websites but you get to meet the couple and get the creative flow in motion. This is the first step in getting to know the couple, which is hugely important. With our new weddings website, we are asking couples to fill in a fun questionnaire. This allows us to get to know you; whether it be your likes, tastes, style or dislikes  - it is important to remember that there are always three people in your engagement - the bride, the groom and the wedding planner!

The main design requests I have noticed so far this year has been the request for luxury in a countrified manor offering a whimsical / boho chic feel. In my opinion luxury is not always throwing champagne and caviar at the wall, but instead the small detail and quality that goes into the preparation. Design wise this is always fun because the possibilities are endless: will it be outdoors or indoors, on a country estate or in a bespoke marquee - the possibilities are endless! Whatever you choose, however, it is always good as a planner to have a wet weather solution, especially in the UK - there is nothing more exciting than a contingency plan as we get to design two receptions! 

I am going to share a mood board I created recently for a couple who will be getting married in August. They would like to escape London for the weekend and get married in a picturesque setting in South West England. The mood board encompasses the couples trendy style whilst also being inspired by the idyllic countryside. However, the introduction of jam jars, crystals and sparkling T-lights definitely do not go amiss!

I, for one, am extremely excited about this year and will be looking forward to keeping you updated with 2016’s most exciting industry demands, accompanied by luxury inspiration from Weddings By Bespoke.  

Charlotte Anthony

Written by: Charlotte Anthony

Head of Business Development