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Your Bespoke Wedding Scent

Whilst you’re flicking through pages of beautiful floral arrangements, attending the very important menu and wine tastings and searching for the perfect wedding dress, the “wedding scent” is almost guaranteed to be overlooked. However according to industry specialists, due to the powerful impact on your mood, your feelings and memories that a smell can create, it makes it one of the most important details of your overall wedding design. We've been lucky enough to work with a couple who are looking to create a bespoke scent to complement their winter wonderland wedding theme in December this year to ensure it's a wedding their guests will never forget..

Your sense of smell is extremely powerful and yet its the one sense, that when asked, you’d probably be willing to give up. Why? Have you ever been sitting on a train and caught the scent of another passenger walking by and instantly smiled because you’re remembering that incredible holiday romance, the first girl's city break or the day you met your husband to be? That’s because scent is a memory trigger and in a couple of years time, how amazing would it be to have those same happy memories come flooding back to you every time you smell that same signature scent from your big day?

To make it simple, lets break this down into three distinct areas; personal, room and floral scent. Your personal scent is the fragrance you decide to wear on your big day, from the body wash, moisturiser, to the perfume. You can layer the same scent to make it stronger, or mix and match to create a more bespoke fragrance. Why not book an appointment at Jo Malone to create your bespoke wedding aroma and have a candle made up to complement your perfume. Have these in the bathrooms, during the ceremony, or just as a keep sake for after the wedding. 

This takes us nicely on to the second and third areas, the aromas within the room and the florals. If you choose not to use scented candles within your ceremony or dining room, why not choose a room spray to coordinate with your floral centrepieces. Choose a beautifully smelling flower like rose or jasmine to complement your spray or even herbs, like rosemary or thyme to enhance your catering experience. 

A simple yet highly effective concept that could create a completely different atmosphere for you and your guests. Why would you not create a bespoke scent for your wedding? If you have any further questions in regards to your wedding planning, or would like to know more about our Event Management Services in London, then please get in touch with Weddings by Bespoke at[email protected] or call us on 020 8961 1510 today.

Hannah Snowsill

Written by: Hannah Snowsill

Weddings Specialist